Runner250 FPV Quadcopter Quickstart guide

This is a quick guide that will help you get started with your Runner 250 FPV Quadcopter

Quickstart Video

Charging the battery

The first thing you should do when you receive your Runner 250 is to charge the battery, you do this via the included charger and you just need to plug them in so that the battery chan charge before your first flight.

Mounting the Propellers

The nice thing with the runner 250 is that it features self locking propellers which mean you dont need any tools to attach or remove them. Simply screw them onto the motors according the the diagram below. If you are not sure how to do this, the video above will show you how to easily attach the propellers.

Inserting the Battery (balancing your quadcopter)

Putting the battery in is rather self explanatory, however before securing it onto your runner 250 its important to position it in the correct position so that your quadcopter centre of gravity is correct as you dont want it too far forward or back.

Adjust the battery position so the centre of gravity is approximately along the line indicated above, an easy way to check is to hold the quadcopter on the line, if it stays level the COG is set correctly.

Mounting the Antenna

Due to packaging the antennas of your Runner 250 are folded down, all you need to do is clip them into the angled antenna mount so it looks like the image below. The reason for this is so that the antennas are spaced 90 degrees relative to one another to get the best possible reception.

Changing the Frequency Chanel on the Video Transmitter

In order to receive the real time video signal from the runner 250 you will need to set the FPV frequency channel to be exactly the same on both the Runner video transmitter and also your video receiver. Depending on what video receiver you are using changing the channels will vary, however its important to just make sure the frequencies are exactly the same. Setting the channel on something like the FPV Black Pearl Monitor is done via the menu buttons on the screen.

In terms of setting up the frequency on the runner 250 you will need to adjust the small switches in a specific order to choose a video channel. The table below shows you what switch order correspond to each channel/frequency

Turning on your Runner 250

The first step is to first turn on your Devo radio and make sure the throttle stick is all the way down. Right after turning on your Devo radio you will then need to connect the yellow XT60 battey connector to your quadcopter.

During the startup you will see ther two red LED lights showing on your quadopcter, this indiates that it is busy connecting to your Devo radio. Once complete the LEDs will turn off indicating that connection is complete.

Arming your motors

Now that the quadcopter is on and correctly connected( bound) to your Devo radio, to arm the motors you simply need to move the throttle stick to the bottom left corner for a second to arm the motors. You will know the motors are armed as the LEDs on the back of the runner 250 will turn solid red.

Once you have finished flying you can lock the motors by moving and holding the throttle stick to the bottom right, when the runner 250 is disarmed the LED’s will turn off.

If you have any questions or suggestions just let me know, happy flying! If you want more information about the runner 250 its best to view the full Runner 250 FPV Manual