Frysky QX 7 Battery help ! 🤔

Hi All, I have been given a Frysky QX 7 of my friend but he has given me it with no battery or battery holder to put in the transmitter so I can’t power it up.

What battery will fit in this transmitter I understand it will take a 2s lipo. Please could you all point me in the right direction to one that will work and fit, links would be appreciated thanks in advance.


Just checked unannedtech and found this :slight_smile:

@DoomedFPV Yours look quite small…
I think the Original Battery has 2000mah.

You can also just use some liion 18650 cells, but i would only do that if you have have some decent knowledge about Batterys and Electronics in General.
I also suggest using a Lipo or Liion battery, because the Original NiMH is crap.

Thanks guys, I looked on bang good but says they won’t ship to the UK? An if I can would like to support a UK shop before going there first. I’m going to stick with a LIPO I think.

UK all the WAY buddy ^^^

Ummmm 450mAh is a tad on the small side

Do a google for Frsky QX7 Lipo UK…
your be able to find something

this is one from gens ace

Notice that the battery connector inside the battery compartment looks like a 2S balance cable. You can plug it into any 2S battery. Also they sell AA barty trays that place 6 AA cells in series.

I use 6 Eneloop AA save recharables and good battery life. For this use case I think Ni-NH is the best. We don’t need 25C discharge rates in a transmitter and the Eneloop batts will last for about 2,000 charge cycles.

In a pinch or for a quick test even a 6S LiPo will work just pick up two of the cells with the cable. Do this ONLY for a few second long test to very operations or you end up un-balancing an expensive LiPo.

In short the cable offers a big clue. It is spaced for a 2S balance cable.