Suitable LiPo for Th9x receiver

Can anyone suggest a suitable LiPo battery that I can use with my Frsky Th9x receiver instead of using AA batteries? Ideally I don’t want to start messing with soldering as I don’t have an iron. Also I’d like to be able to charge it with the charger that came with the Iris+ the skyrc e4 charger.


My suggestion would be something along the lines of a 2S 800mah lipo battery ( :battery: we dont sell any but will soon), I am not sure off hand how big the battery compartment is on your Frsky TH9X radio, but before you buy something just check it will fit in. There is a balance lead connector inside the battery compartment of the radio which allows you to directly connect your Lipo.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks. I have heard people recommend the Turnigy nano-tech 2500mah 5C as a great choice. But I think you have to do some re-wiring. Do you have anything like this? Or can you let me know when you have the one you suggested in stock please? Is it likely to be soon?


I run a 9x transmitter and use hobbyking LiFe 1500mah 3S battery. But do not charge in radio. I believe HK now produce a Li Po that can be charged in radio called Turnigy 9xr safety protected 11.1v(3s)2200mAh 1.5C transmitter pack.this info comes from 9xrPro includes a regulator allowing it to be charged at a low rate while still in the transmitter

Thanks I’ll look into that :slight_smile: