Eachine Falcon 250 RTF - issue with LEDs


Hi Folks,

I’ve just bought into the FPV quad game and I have the Eachine Falcon 250. All is well in terms of FPV and my tentative flying, however I noticed that when I operate the switch on the side of the quad, it disables/activates the Vtx rather than the LEDs on the arms.

The Switch in the Off position will provide power to the Vtx, in the On position it will not.

I did flash with the latest firmware in LibrePilot yesterday and I noticed another post from someone suggesting it might be responsible for it I was wondering if this was something that anyone else had encountered and if there were any suggestions on how to resolve the issue.



Hi Folks, Me again - I’ve been reading around and I’m wondering about different GCS as well, I see some users are opting for Cleanflight over LibrePilot/OpenPilot, are there any major differences between the two? I see they seem to offer the same options in terms of control and management of the drone.

I’d be interested to hear on other pilots personal preference on what they prefer and pro’s/con’s of either.



Its definitely not a librepilot issue as the flight controller does not control the fpv tranmitter power on the falcon 250, so I guess the issue could be with the connections so if you are comfortable doing that you might want to open it up to see what is going on. Do the led lights ever turn on?

As for comparison’s with the flight controller software, openpilot was the first software, but the developers had some disagreements so the project ended and split into librepilot which is the best/most popular right now for cc3d. But cleanflight (or one of its forks like betaflight) can also run on the cc3d but you will need to get and FTDI board and manually flash the firmware onto your cc3D. However in terms of flight performance both are very similar so if this is your first quad I suggest you stick with librepilot as I find the setup wizard it abit more intuative.