Eachine 250 Pro not Arming motors

Just bought the Eachine 250 pro and have charged all batteries and added batteries to the remote. I power the remote (Eachine I6) on and it connects to the quad, the fpv feed works well and the LED’s work but I cannot switch the motors on. I’m new to this so maybe I’m missing something?

Does anyone have any ideas?

Eachine 250 racer – not arming
I configured a new Eachine 250 racer with OpenPilot GCS and could not get the motors to arm. I have built several quads using Mission Planner software and so am somewhat familiar with quad setups.
I set the following - Welcome > Configuration > Arm Settings > Stick low throttle and Yaw right but it did not work. I have had quads that required lowering the throttle trim all the way to bottom to arm – tried that no luck.
So, I changed the armed settings – Welcome > Configuration > Arm Settings > Always Armed > SAVE - and now works fine.
I do not like Always Armed but OK for now.
Luck, Vince

Thanks for advice I will download open pilot and have a go.In messing with the controller I have in bound it any ideas how to re bind it? Do you just have to plug the little black bins tool into the bind section?

Yes bind your receiver the usual way then connect to flight control board. Open pilot does not include a binding process as some other drone software does.

I just noted that OpenPilot is replaced by LibrePilot - so just install LibrePilot as newer and good forum for problems. Very similar software.

Thanks a lot got the issue sorted! Awesome to see such a friendly and resourceful community!