Eachine 250 Pro

Just used the manual on here to connect the switch uart ports! Now when I try and turn on my quad it won’t do anything until the USB cable is plugged in!
Even when the USB is in the receiver doesn’t work at all… Have taken it out and it defiantly works but when I put it back in it doesn’t. With just the battery plugged in a small light on top of the osd comes on and the esc’s make a noise but cut of. Any suggestions where I have gone so terribly wrong?


Could you add a photo of how the OSD is connected?

Also have you changed any of the jumpers on the bottom of the quad, as one of them turn the entire quad on/off and another will separate power between teh FC and motors (but I cant recall which is which off hand)

Noob mistake here!
One of the tip switches was turned off… They control both leds and the flight controller! All sorted now though