Missing OSD output on Falcon 250 Prod (SP F3 controller)

Hello guys,
I was a happy owner of Eachine Falcon 250 Pro (F3 controller) until yday… I decide add buzzer, and after I melt it directly on F3 board my goggles stops showing me anything (just a black screen) on Video1 output.

I know that on Falcon we got Video1 (Video signal goes through OSD) & Video2 (Camera out directly to VTX), so I connect camera to Video2 and I got a good signal (as expexted w\o osd)

Thus problem is somewhere in mimicOSD, could someone help me investigate or give anny suggestion for troubleshooting this?


MinimOSD boards are super sensitive, and if you just getting a black screen then its likely the OSD chip is dead. You could try to flash new firmware/ charset to see if that helps, but ifs its just a black screen its probably not repairable. So you will need to buy a new minimOSD board.

Maybe someone else will have a better suggestion?

Hi Alex, thanks for replay.

How I could flash it \ access it?


You just need to get an FTDI device to talk to it.