Streak F4 V3 168Mhz Flight Controller with OSD

I have a problem with this board. I only now assembled on a new quad, and found that every time i pouch throtle, the screen and OSD blanks. and come back on by removing throtle. I tested with different firmwares and it´s the same. Is it broken ? This board never flew. i only tested it whhen i got it, on the bench. The OSD works only if not in load
Please help

First thing is that it is probably a ground wiring issue. Have you got ground connected between your FC, ESC’s camera and vtx as you need to make sure they have a common ground.

If the above does not solve the issue could you share a video (on the bench if you dont want to go out and fly) of this issue and also some details on your setup along with pic, but it sounds like it might also be a power issue possibly so either your motors are drawing too much current, or causing too much interference somewhere. I will then pass the video onto the board designer and they should be able to help.

Also by testing this on the bench without any props that could also point towards the problem of motors drawing too much current maybe, as if it does not happen without any props.

Wiring is correct. I soldered everything on the correct pads. I even tested without the camera, to see if it was a camera issue, and still the osd blacks out.
I use the Emax RS2205S with 30A Chaos Esc i got from you. I also have a capacitor on the battery connector to handle interferência.
I will try to make a vídeo but i allmost sure that this is a board issue.
I found on rcgroups some forum threats about this board. All with the same issue. The problem is that the 5v bec (that powers the built in OSD)on the board is not very good, and cuts off power during throtle punches.
There is supposably a new version where this is fixed.

Please send me the video showing the issue so I can talk to the factory about this, we are supposed to have the new version, so when did you buy it from us so I can check if you have the new version or not?

Also just to reassure you, the board should still be inwarranty if you purchased less than 6 months ago so if it is a hardware issue we will get it fixed for you


Only had time this week to get back. I´m going to make a video, but now no video comes out of the board. I can flash it, and even flash and program the OSD using a FTDI adapter, but there is no video out anymore. Dont know why. Seams like the max7456 chip is dead because a have a Minimosd with the same issue. Everything is wirered correctly, as on this board you don´t have to had anything to make it work since it´s AIO.
The board was aqruired on February

Here is the link for the vídeo.
Everything is wireded correctly but i get no video or osd


Any news about this ???

I just made an order and would be great if you sned the replacement with it

Many Thanks

Could you send support an email with a link to this thread and also your order number so I can arrange to get a replacement sent to you.