Eachine 180 tilt rotor quad with a Taranis xlit pro transmitter

I Found this for my quadcopter.

I want to use an archer receiver with a taranis X lite pro. From what i understand Betaflight is better.
Can i use any of this configuration data for the flight controller if i use beta flight? I am a very capable dude. Very much in over my head. Which i like, thats where i learn.
The only way I can make this thing fly the way i want is with this x lite pro. I super destroyed crashed it. New motors, couple frame pieces, disassembled/ reassembled transmitter. Might not work correctly. It does kinda fly. It yaws hard, like its at max. When i lift off the yaw rotation picks up speed and gets crazy in seconds. Yawed it on the transmitter and in cleanflight back to center. No difference. Crash was 20 ft drop to concrete. Maybe the gyro is shot? I want the x lite going anyways.
I want to get the x lite pro going with whatever reciever or flight controller works. Do i have to start from scatch with settings? It would be awsome to fly before i crash. google just want to sell stuff now. Very little help making my oddball setup work. Oh yeah and its discontinued so i will have to make anything break in a crash. Yes it has to be this quad with this transmitter.
Let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you for your help