Drone wont arm , betaflight

Hi Everyone, i just started with drones after some basic heli flying, i bought myself an EMAX tinyhawk as i wanted something plug n play to start with and hv fun

after a month or so, and few bumps here and there, i connected to betaflight to try understanding more about it and improve … result now when i arm the drone and give throttle the red light comes and the drone wont fly

i hv check min/max , the controls (pitch roll etc) , everithing seem fitting in the right place but my little drone wont listen, im sure im missing something coz it looks like some self alarm preventing me to fly

anyone could help me i will appreciate



do the motors spin when armed, did u update firmware , where did you go in betaflight to try to improve it.

Hi there thnks for replying!

so yes all 4 motors spin when i tested, i updated the firmwere as well

so i connected the drone to test the motors and see that procedure as a start, then i updated the firmwere, then the drone woulndt bind with the stock remote

so i went on youtube found a procedure to bind again changing the remote in the section, with _D instead of _X , so the remote connects again , blue light all fine, i arm the drone (propeller not spinning) and as soon as i push the throttle i get the red light and wont do anything

2 thing to check if youve updated firmware.
1 make sure you have calibrated accelerometor with drone level and make sure when you tilt drone forward the icon of the drone in betaflight moves the same way.
2 make sure in reciever tab that throttle is throttle, roll is roll ETC. and at idle the throttle is below 1000us.
check this first if same may need a little more info.

also if you have OSD setup correct it should tell you why it wont arm.

so i recalibrated the accelerometer , the pic moves same as the quad, i rechecked pitch roll etc, in the installation screen on the right ‘info’ it say msp (wich i understand its normal when u connected with cable, and it say throttle when i put up the throttle stick

is you throttle below 1000 here at idle

i know it cleanflight but it the closest FC i could grab

and you are aware it wont arm with USB plugged in. and make sure when the arm switch is armed the slider is within the arm area

that value is 1000 but low stick treshold is 1050 so that should be correct? how can i lower that value?

the mode i just corrected, was fm 1000 to 1200 i put same as yrs

1000 should be ok but i like it to be 995 ish. you can adjust end points on transmitter, TBH it dont matter on throttle if you just move the throttle trim on your transmitter. should be a button to the right or left of the throttle

the mode doesent need to be the same as my example, it needs to be where the little marker is when you switch the arm switch to ARM

just a thought if still struggling. plug in betaflight and make a little video going through each tab, moving transmitter sticks when you get to the receiver tab and moving switches when in the modes tab. if file to big to upload put on google drive and post link.

wait wait!!! its alive!!!

only thing i lost the 3 modes, so it goes in pro mode… and thats to much for my skills

dont touch anything. wait

when i adjusted the arm mode , that what triggered it

in the reciver TAB dou you still have 2 aux channels working?

when u said ’ it needs to be where the little marker is when you switch the arm switch to ARM’ i did it and started working