Drone wont arm , betaflight

in the reciver TAB dou you still have 2 aux channels working???

tha left switch is aux 2 ! so i should put aux 1 right switch for the 3 levels?

yes when i trigger it it moves

r u using a 2 position switch for ARM and a 3 position for MODES

if your happy with the arm switch goto modes and click add range on the angle tab, as soon as you flick the switch betaflight will auto detect it and add range.
then move the green bar to where the marker is when the switch is in the angle position.

that was the confusing part as it wasnt arming as you said here, the red light was coming on because the throttle was not at idle

Hi dale , the forum didnt allow me to post more then 21 answer ydy… i got it back flying but i can appreciate the angle mode is the 2nd step bss the original setup, do u know wich one is the easiest mode?

also… when i was flying an engine lost the screws , i put it back on but its wobbly… tried testing in betaflight and not working properly, but its not the engine coz i plug it in another motor position and it works perfectly, so i assume must be the plug on the motherboard? damn it…

if you are a beginner angle mode is easy to fly LOS but not very forgiving in acro mode.