Drone on betaflight configurator work normally, just with battery no?

When I disconnect from betaflight configurator and use just the battery for drone…there is no light, nothing. When I connect to betaflight conf.(and the battery) everything works normally. Where is the trick?

Sounds like you are not powering the flight controller correctly. Or worst case the regulator on your FC is fried :boom: . Can you share some photos showing how everything is wired up.

But when I connect the battery i heard a sound, but there is no lights. In betaflight everything works normaly…

What sort of sound was it? And was it followed by a puff of magic smoke?

Can you share some photos showing how everything is wired up so one of us can check if everything is correct.

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Sound of motors. And there was no puff😊. Is maybe this connected with aux channels or failsafe, angle mode,something like that,some setting to setup?..i have nothing to do photos with

Im pretty sure you have a phone…
A photo of your wirings will definetly help us.

Luca :slight_smile:

And when i connect battery and in betaflight configurator i hear the whole sound of the motors and flight controller. With the battery i hear just the half of the sound

Am i seeing it right that everything is connected to the battery pads on your FC? :smile:

Yes that is right. I can do this:)

Looks more like you cant do it… :smile:
My Theory is that (as @unmannedtech said ) that you dont power your FC correctly.
It turns on while the usb is connected because the cable powers the fc.
My suggestion is to think about a PDB.

Luca :slight_smile:

But when i try my rc radio and motors with battery connected,they work ok and respond. When i disconected the usb cabel, nothing…

Thats why i said try using a pdb…
Looks definetly like an powering issue

You really really need to fit a PDB.
your running 4 30amp esc’s off the same pad with bad solder connections that may come lose on a crash and cause a short.

If those motors even try to go full current through that connection its going to go bad, real fast.

Moving the ESC’s to a PDB will give you much better and safer connections.

We all have to start somewhere with soldering.
It took me about 30 minutes just to solder 3 small wires.

Thank you, I will try to split it and will see…