First ever build. Transmitter only controls drone when plugged into pc

Hi there. I am a first time builder. I have built a drone following the instructions of a build guide on YouTube by uavfutures. Unfortunately, the flight controller he demonstrated in the video was out of stock, so I purchased one of the others he recommended. I bought the omnibus BetaFlight f3 aoi v1.1. I believe I have wired it up correctly. When I plug it into the pc and open up BetaFlight, I can see the receiver and transmitter working, via the receiver tab. If I connect lipo to the drone, I can operate the motors with the transmitter. But… when I disconnect the pc cable, the transmitter starts to flash red and beep 3 times continously, the RX battery symbol on the transmitter starts flashing too and the drone does not respget nd to the transmitter. But it is still connected to the receiver as the light is still solid showing connection. I am using a turnigy evolution transmitter with a turnigy ia6c receiver.

What is that yellow wirendoing on your Rx?

When you only have the battery connected, do you see the same led on your receiver showing that it is connected to your Rx?

Have you setup one of the switches to be your arming/disarm switch?

Hi there. First time drone builder. Everything went well I thought in the build, but Once I was finished I could not make the drone respond to the transmitter. If I plug the omnibus BetaFlight f3 aoi v1.1 into the pc, I turn on the turnigy evolution transmitter and select the receiver tab on BetaFlight, if I move the sticks on the transmitter, I can see it working through BetaFlight. If I add a lipo to the drone, I can power up the motors with the transmitter.
The second I remove the pc cable, lipo still connected to the drone, the transmitter starts beeping 3 times and flashes red and the RX battery symbol on the transmitter display flashes continously and the drone does not respond to the transmitter. What have I done wrong?

Please help

Had not yet removed the yellow wire from the RX as was unsure as to whether I would have to ppm it or s-bus. I seem to have figured out the transmitter issue. Someone mentioned that this particular fc board can be powered direct to the lipo, where as I had it powered off the 5v pad on the pdb. So removed the wire from the 5v pad and attached it to the 12v pad and the issue was no more.

Still have not managed to get the vtx and goggles working together tho

From the sounds of that, I think you are not powering your RX correctly as maybe it is only getting power from the USB port…

Do you have a multimeter so you can measure teh voltage on the power wire going into your RX when the USB is connected and removed to verify this… or you can just look at the LED’s on your reciever… do you see any LED when USB is not connect and battery is? Then when you plug in USB do you then see LED on your receiver?

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