Does the IRIS quadcopter include a radio control?


I have recently had the idea of building my own drone with the idea of sticking a camera on it and doing Ariel photography. But that was till I researched the subject and decided to lower my initial aspirations and buy a ready to fly drone.

In preparation, I bought a cheap Hubsan H107C quad with radio controller, from Amazon, to learn the basics of flying.

I have now finalised my choice of drone to the 3DR Iris, as it seems to be the best choice for me with the price that I am willing to pay and the features that it offers.

However I have one question before I make my purchase, does a consumer version of the Iris come with one of those Radio Controller devices, like the one that came with my Hubsan drone?

Or do I have to buy a radio controller separate so that I can control my Iris from the ground?



The IRIS that we currently sell includes a FlySky radio control that is all setup for use with your IRIS. It also includes some labels so you know what flight mode you are in.