Fried my transmitter, need advice on best replacement - for original 3DR Iris

I recently reversed polarity of the battery pack and fried the FlySky TH9X IRIS-branded transmitter that came with my IRIS quad. I did not take advantage of the IRIS+ upgrade kit, so the quad is still stock IRIS. It has a gimbal kit. I use it for aerial photography.

The IRIS-branded FlySky transmitter was my only decent-quality transmitter, so I’ve got no substitute for it. I have to get another one. The question for this group is, which transmitter will be the most cost-effective option for me? I’m looking at the Turnigy 9XR Pro, as it seems compatible with the FrSky DJT telemetry module in the original transmitter…assuming that wasn’t fried by reversing power supply polarity.

It would be great (cheaper) if I could keep using the receiver in the IRIS, but I’m open to replacing it.

When I get a new transmitter, it won’t have any of the settings provided by 3DR for binding the controls to IRIS functions. It would be handy if there were transmitters with preloaded settings that are known to work with IRIS. Wishful thinking? If I have to recreate all the control settings, are there guides?

Many thanks for your assistance,