Commercial use of IRIS quadcopter

  1. If i wanted to fly IRIS above commercial property and sell images/videos, what license would i need if any?

  2. Can you actually see the image from the transmitter through a radio link live and if so what is the range for this?

  3. Can you make it buoyant in the event of system failure over water?

  4. Do you need third party insurance if you cause injury and if so, who will cover?

  5. The remote shown in the youtube video looked like a tablet or large phone, i am assuming you can pair an iPad with the machine and control it from that rather than the supplied 6 channel transmitter with sticks?

  6. I am also considering the DJI Phantom 2, do you have any other suggestions on alternatives as I don’t really need all the autonomous features of the IRIS?

  1. You will need to obtain a BUNC-S license -

  2. Yes this is possible but you will need to add an FPV system which would include a transmitter for your gopro 3 camera, and a FPV monitor on the ground.

  3. This would be possible but you would need to do this on your own. Another customer build thier own waterproof quadcopter

  4. This is available but I dont have any recommendations as we dont use drones commercially, but you might want to check out - I know that memberships to organisations like FPV UK offer individual insurance as part of membership but not sure if it covers commercial applications.

  5. The IRIS is only compatible with android devices at the moment.

  6. You might also be interested in our X350 Pro quadcopter as its much cheaper and more similar to the phantom 2 in terms of features, you can see a comparison here

Hope that helps