Diatone Tyrant 215 strange motor noise and left yaw

Hi, after de-pinning an X4r and making it fit under the Naze board I had my first test flight today. It was controllable but I am getting a strange noise from what I assume to be one of the motors and there is a left yaw that happens when the noise happens. It kind of jerks left at the same time the noise is made.

I’ve made a link to my PID’s which I’ve not touched, I’m using the latest Betaflight and I’ve upgraded the ESC’s to the latest BLHeli firmware also:


My BLHeli settings also:


I’ve read the forum first looking for similar issues and I’ve seen “soft mounting” the Naze on o rings could be a potential fix and also the PID’s may be too high. I’ve looked at PID’s all over the place and notice that literally everyone’s PID’s are drastically different to mine. There’s no way I’m changing my PID’s to be dramatically different without some advice.

Any help would be appreciated.



All those are good points, but if your quad is always yawing to the left i dont think its a vibration issue, or a PID issue as that would produce random issues. It is more likely to be an ESC or motor issue. When I had poor Yaw PID values the quadcopter would yaw left and right randomly.

If you go to the motor tab, and test the motors (make sure to remove the props first) you can plaay with the trottle values to see if any specific motor acts strange, like one might make a noise (bad bearing) or it might spin faster/slower than others.

That should atleast allow you to try pinpoint the problem.

Another thing to check, but unlikely the isssue is to make sure the RC inputs are centered, particularly for your yaw input.

Ok, that’s a good idea, I’ll try that and let you know.

The ESC’s are set to oneshot 125 in betaflight, I wonder if these new 30A ones are oneshot 42 ?

This is my first intermediate drone so it’s a bit of a steep learning curve :slight_smile:

Ok, firstly thanks for your help, I tried spinning up each motor individually but they are all running smoothly, I then tried all together using the master control, exactly the same.

When I try spinning the motors with my fingers however, motor number 2 is harder to turn than the rest.

I’ve soft mounted the flight board with 4 O rings, no change.

However, I’ve just tried mounting an HD cam (Muvi) on the front and its almost completely cured it, well while hovering close to the ground anyway !