Diatone gt-m540 issue mamba f405

Hy guys…
I only setting receiver by betaflight after it makes noise as video.

The usb port is no longer recognized by windows (it remains a green led access and no blue). If I connect the battery it’s like in video.

can you Tell me why?
Can you help me?
Thanks ROb

Have you tried the impulserc driver fixer? And secondly when powered via USB does the Baird get too hot to touch?

Hi Alex.
Impulse RC did not give results.
Yee after about 2 sec some components get very hot.

hot components 9 out of 10 times = a short
I’m afraid that could also explain why your buzzer is on constant.

Do you think I can go back to the short or is the card to be changed?
Short on circuit board or in the wirings?

I would take a close look at your wiring.

And then maybe replace the FC

Sorry to budge on but @unloft what receiver did you use I cant figure out what to use on my m540 currently I have a fsia6b but I don’t think that will work