Help! Diatone M540

Help!!! I bought a diatone m540 and a frsky receiver but it doesn’t look like it works! What receiver can I use? Thanks!!!

What reciever have you bought and any pics of how you have connected it up?

Hello! I’m new to this and the receiver doesn’t seem to have a way to connect to the quad I bought the fsia6b

I believe thats a FlySky reciever not an FrSky one?? the best thing to do first is find out what Flight controller is in the quad and wether you have a flysky or FrSky transmitter.

I have a Flysky sorry! So what do I need or can I use that?

Does it fit in the frame OK? What flight controller does it have?

It fits in the frame okay but I have no way of plugging it in to the current connector and I believe it has a mamba f405

Use this in google images hope it helps.

mamba f405 pinout for fsia6b

I think that reciever is IBUS. I’m assuming you can solder?

What do you think @DoomedFPV
Im not 100% on this FlySky fsia6b reciever. Would it Go onto the SBUS pads??

Yeah I can soldier by the way

And if I did soldier it onto the sbus pads would I just be able to use a servo wire and connecter?

Connect the IBUS from the Rx to the SBUS pad on the FC.

Then select ibus rx in the betaflight configurator.

@DoomedFPV does it matter which ibus port I connect it too? And then what do I do with the other tx1 wire? And thanks for your response. Also what do I do with the 5v and ground wires?