Diatone Black Mamba F40 40A 4-in-1

Ok, so I’m struggling (again) with Diatone and their useless products. This time it’s with the Mamba ESC 4-in-1 board. How so you ask…well there is no wiring diagram on how to wire the bloody thing up. The best I’ve come across is that from unmannedtechshop;


Are the two pads together +ve and -ve, are the pads on the outside the signal wires? Google doesn’t seem to know the answer, so I’m wondering if anyone else has come across this board and knows the answer? Failing that - how can I test what pads are what without blowing the board up (a common occurrence with Diatone)

Thanks in advance for help :slight_smile:

The motor pads are not the usual arrangement with all 3 being the directly next to each other (Why diatone couldn’t put them all together… who knows… maybe because the hole mounts would get in the way?)…

The 4in1 ESC is just like any other… where each ESC has 3 pads for the 3 motor wires… I circled them in blue in the image below.


The main battery positive and ground are on the other side of the board and are labelled on the PCB.

Hope that helps

Thanks Alex.
I did wonder if the two pads together were +ve, -ve with the corner ones being the signal wire.
Great to know that they follow standard of middle being signal wire.

Watch this space - that Diatone GT M5 I bought off you round about April time may yet fly!

Maybe it is just me being dense and not understanding you properly… but for brushless motors none of the 3 wires are signal… they all kinda are, the ESC just sends voltage along each wire at a specific timing to get the motor to turn. The signal connectors to the FC are on the white connector :slight_smile:

But yeah hopefully you can get it all working now as the M5 is a pretty epic quad in my opinion… if you need anymore help we are here to help!

Lightbulb moment Alex - thank you. So if I understand correctly, it don’t matter how I wire the motors up to the ESC’s? Here was me thinking that the middle wire was always the signal wire.

Nope it doesn’t matter :-)… well i mean the order of the wire will dictate which direction the motor will spin, as the ESC literally just send a voltage along each of the 3 wires at specific timing to get the motor to spin or slow down

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