Desperately seeking help setting up new Wizzard x220S


Basicaly for PPM, you need to disable serial_RX for all the UART ports… what DommedFPV is saying is that sometimes betaflight has a strange bug that it does not actually turn it off… so sometimes you need to enable it, save and reboot the FC, then disable, save and reboot for it to actually turn off…

Hope this helps as you are so close to getting it working now! Short answe is mage sure serial_rx is not enabled for any of the ports on the ports tab in betaflight.

The other thing is that depending on your radio firmware, you might need to go into the menus of your radio to enable/disable PPM as there is an option for that too, check the flysky manual for how to do that…


Thanks guys - had a good play enabling and disabling serial_rx and then re choosing ppm in config. No joy…

Have ordered a new better soldering kit to try and do a better job on the FC to make sure that is not where my problem lies…

Thanks again.


Dont forget your RX got dumped in salf water.

Thats not going to help any



Still no joy… spent 3 hours on it this morning… tried every configuration I can think of… :frowning:
Tried ibus
Tried Sbus
Tried PPM

Controller = Flysky Fs-i6
Receiver = Flysky FS-IA6B
Flight controller board = Omnibus F4 V3

My controller is bound to my receiver from my previous drone - I have no way of rebinding as I never received a bind pin as the first drone was supplied RTF.I don’t think this is an issue when switching between PPM/SBUS/ibus??
I have tired setting the solder jumper to SBUS for ibus & Sbus config and then to PPM for PPM. My FS-I6 has PPM enabled.

I would happily buy another receiver, but I am convinced this one is fine as it controlled my first drone fine before I unplugged it. I am worried I would just have the same problems… I m sure this is a configuration issue.

Have tried every possible setting in Betaflight…

Anymore advice greatly received…? I am at the point I would happily pay someone to set this up for me if they lived in Essex, UK or very close…?