Can't arm quad in betaflight



Not sure, lhi 220 build from kit, is motor a little off enuf 2 stop lift completely? What’s a good fpv goggle, not box about 150


I’m begining to think you have a bad motor or esc…
Meaning one of your motors isn’t putting out enough thrust. Betaflight will attempt to keep your quad level by under powering your good motors to match the out put of your bad motor.
I.e spinning motors but no lift.
The hard thing will be to identify which motor or esc is bad.

Have a read of this:


I have fs-i6 controller, what’s a good fpv simulator forr practice



So, I’m trying to connect vxt and camera. I connect vxt to 12v, then connect vxt signal wire to camera signal, can I splice red/black camera wires to servo lead connect it to 5v rail on fc board, will that work?


It depends on your camera some cameras want a higher voltage.

What VTX do you have? Link
What Camera do you have? Link

What PDB do you have? Link
What FC do you have? Link

If you could show us a picture of where you intend to power the camera from that would help too.


F3 flight control board 6DOF standard; 700TVL camera; TS5728 FPV 5.8G 32check 600 mw transmitter, Matek PDB wxt60 connector. It is Lhi 220 quadcopter diy kit, thx


Mistake TS5828 transmitter



I think this is your camera

Its says it takes a 12vdc input which you could pull straight from your PDB.

BUT because I’m not 100% sure. I would try it from a 5vdc source first from the PDB.

just to be safe then if it doesn’t work move up to the 12vdc. No point risking your camera if you don’t have too.


Could you look at this u tube video Lhi 220 quad build part 1, at the end he goes thru it,as I understand it my vtx gets 12v from pdb then converts to 5v to camera, he wires vtx signal direct to camera signal, but he says that will power camera, you can’t power cam with signal wire, also camera insert says power input 12v so it seems I need to give 12v to camera am I right?



If its says input 12v go with that…
Connect the Ground and Postive to the same place as the VTX.
It can help with interface and ground loops.


Really need help, spracing f3,solid blue, bootloader prob, I’ve looked at most videos, NO RESPONSE FROM BOOTLOADER, PROGRAM FAILED, tried zadig fix but they say I should stm32 bootloader in drop down box I have cp2102 USB to uart bridge controller, also I show com4, when I push connect it says serial port success open and close but still no connect to bf also r impulse driver fix won’t connect




Have you tried the driver fixer program here?


Yes I looked at this site, rcimpulse driver tool won’t connect,


I’m not a drone expert but go through this video and make sure you did everything like in those steps they demonstrate:

It was very helpful to me.