Quadcopter not Arming? 🐝 How to Solve in BetaFlight



Originally published at: https://blog.dronetrest.com/quadcopter-not-arming-how-to-solve-in-betaflight/

Maybe you have spent hours on your FPV quadcopter build, everything is configured, your receiver and motors are working, flight modes are setup. But as soon as you plug in your battery you cant fly as your quadcopter is just not arming. Most of the time it is not a fault on your quadcopter, but just a built-in safety feature…


Thank you for this nice overview of possible problems. For myself the above described toppics did not results in solving my problem. In betaflight everything seems to work but the ARM box in the modes menu won’t get yellow. Are there more things to look at which are not described in this guide? Thx already


I would suggest that maybe you try to set arming to be via a switch, as that way you can be certain that it is entering arming mode. As sometimes if your end points of your radio are not set correctly it may not arm? So when you move the throttle stick that in minimim position it is 1000, and maximum it is 2000.