Can a 2212 2200kv Motor lift a f450 Frame?

Can A2212 2200kv motor with 6×4 propellers lift a f450 quadcopter without gimbal. the quadcopter consists of 4 motor A2212 2200kv , 30A ESC , CC3D ,F450 Frame and a 3s 2200Mah lipo

Hi.i wanted to know that if a A2212 2200kv motor with ACF 6×4 prop can lift a f450 quadcopter or not ?

It depends on the weight of the balast… But you should be able to lift this thing with these Motors…

Luca :slight_smile:

Hi @yash_behera

The answer is YES …
providing you use at least a 35C pack if you want to stay with 3S
This is based on all up weight of 950g
Thrust/weight ratio is about 3:1 which is good but battery load is bad, hover current is about 15A and at maximum thrust is as high as 94A !!
You’ll only get about 4.7minutes of flight time (7.5 hovering)

So again YES, but not the best choice
(I used ecalc for this modelling, worth you trying various combinations until you arrive at your needs)

Hope this helps
Steve :slight_smile:

Thanks Friend.
Another question.

What will happen if i use the same parts with 10×4.5 propellers instead of 6×4 propeller and what is Battery Load?

Hi @yash_behera

With 1045’s you’re looking at:

Thrust/weight ratio is about 5.4:1 which is good but battery load is unworkable, hover current is reasonable at 10A but the large props need a lot force to turn them on accelerationd / maximum thrust which increases to 220A !! making your ESC’s fry. :scream:
You’ll get about 4.6 minutes of flight time (11.3 hovering)
What you gain is the ability to carry a payload of 3.5Kg but would you want to on such an under-powered battery system
It’s time you moved up to 4S on a rig this size :slight_smile:

I suggest you register wih eCalc, it’s not expensive and it’s very useful

Steve :slight_smile:

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