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Hi. I m using 30A ESC , A2212 2200kv motor ,CC3D, f450 frame , 10*4.5 propeller , Fly Sky i6 and XT60 in my Quadcopter. Please can you suggest me what should be the “C” rating of the battery. i have researched a lot on finding the “C” rating but i can’t get it.

Please help me out.

Hey yash,
The C Rating on your Battery says how fast the Battery discharges…
A beginner Battery would be about 20-50C and a more “advanced” Battery would have 50-100+ C.
In my oppinion the C Rating is not the most important Factor…
You can be happy with a 20C and a 100C.
The Batterys with the higher C Rating usually just cost more…
If you want to read an article about this:
I hope i could explain it that it is undestandable :slight_smile:


So can i use a 30C battery?
I have another doubt , can i use A2212 2200kv motor with 10*4.5 props.

I’m having difficulties find a datasheet for this motor at 2200KV BUT a 10inch prop is going to be too big for a 2212, it’ll pull to much power from the 30C battery and almost certainly overheat.
You could try it with heat tabs fitted to the motors, if temperature exceeds 70degC then you are getting to the point were cheap motor magnets will de-magnetise and performance will suffer, if not fail completely.
I overloaded the motor once on my 1/10 SC truck, made quite a mess :laughing:

Has anybody got a datasheet for this motor so we can scientifically answer this instead of my ‘gut feeling’ ??

Steve :slight_smile:

1550 4s may fit for that ?

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