Babyhawk does not see XM+ receiver in betaflight configurator

Receiver in Betaflight does not show any signs of activity, same in Models - switches are not responding.

New to this art will appreciate any advice. Thanks.

Babyhawk BNF, FrSky XM+, Taranis X9D+, Computer/MAC/OSX-10.13

Bound Taranis with XM+ - solid green
Tried different FC firmware updates and older betaflight configurator as well.
In betaflight
ports: UART3/serial,
configuration/receiver mode:Serial-based receiver,
configuration/Serial Receiver Provider: SBUS

Have you tried flashing a new Firmware onto the XM+ ?

I got a new XM+ the other day… It worked with BF and my X9D+ out of the box but it was a firmware version behind.

Also what FC do you have?

That’s the only thing I have not tried! Will have to un-solder XM+ from controller :frowning: and try. Thanks for the hint.

Doc said FC is F3 Femto


you connected up like this?

※UART3 (RX3)
Use for Spektrum Satellite RX, Spektrum 1024/2048, SBUS, XBUS, SumD and SumH RX, etc.

Could not flash XM+ firmware taranis has not recognize the device.

Yes, exactly. Also on some FC firmware versions i get solid blue and flashing red, but could find what does it mean.

Can you get us some pictures of the wiring and setup of the babyhawk?

Sounds strange…

Where did you get the XM+ from?
Did it come with the babyhawk?

It turned out to be dead/burned XM+, put a new one and worked immediately. May be I fried it by static or it was dead to start with.

Happy to hear you figured it out, and sorry to hear it was a failed RX :frowning: