Activating PID adjustments knocks off my right hand controls


So i went for a fly today and i relaised i could do with some adjustments, so i come home and started playing around with some pid adjustments in cleanflight.

After binding some switches to p i and d i went to test fly and found i could only throttle up and down, the left and right stick has completely stopped working, the reciver was working all fine.

So i ended up flashing the tx and running a firmware update… That didnt fix anything. I also looked inaide the reciver tab and found that the reciver was being picked up on the right stick, just it didnt do anything to the quad.

So i ended up flashing the FC and starting again.
This made the controls work again thankfully.

Not knowing what had caused it, i attempted to try re assigning the PIDs again… Just found out when doing another test flight my quad just fliped because the right hand stick has stopped again.

Can anyone tell me why the PID assignments are knocking off my directional controls?

Flysky i6 and cleanflight fyi

Why are you trying to bind P,I and D to Switches on your Transmiter ?
You tune your PIDs by adjusting them in Betaflight and “trying out”. (To say it as simple as possible :smile: )
I could emagine that you did overwrite the Roll and Pitch Axis…
How did you assigne P, I and D to a Switch?
Did you changed the Firmare so it can do up to 10 Channels ?

So i did it so i could do it in flight. So in adjustments i basically just assigned a switch to incread or decrease the P I D depending on where the switch is. Ill be honest, i havent got a clue how to even fine tune with PIDs.

I did the firmware update when i first got it, but i thought flashing and re installing would fix the issue.

Just download the APP Speedy Bee to your smartphone and use a OTG Cable to configure your FC in the field… That makes PID Tuning a lot easier.
How did you increase or Decrease PIDs ? Did you just assigned all of them to one switch ?
If not:
Did you put them on 3 Individual switches ?

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Yeah so i have a 3 pos switch that i used in correspondence with another one. So for instance aux 2 activates aux 3 (aux being the 3 pos) P was top I was mid and D was bottom.

It didnt turn on until aux 2 was flicked on.

Thanks for that info im gonna check out speedy bee now :nerd_face:

This sounds scetchy to me…
I suggest tuning your PIDs properly to avoid things like having no control :smiley:
You Probably overwrote the Roll and Pitch Channels while you assigned the PIDs to the switches.

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so heres where i got the PID switches from

I agree with Luca, things have changed alot since that video was made so I don’t actually know if it still applies with today’s firmware… I mean I am sure the logic works, but particularly recent betaflight releases changed the entire list scale values… so what used to be a value of 6.3 changed to 63. I think it was from betaflight V3 onwards

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Yeah tbh i never even thought about software versions lol ive got that busy bee app anyway so ill give it a go using that.

Thanks ya’ll

Good luck :-). My suggestion would be to flash the latest version of betaflight as it has a pretty good tune as stock for just about every quad!

Also if have osd, land disarm then go into osd to change pids, throttle mid yaw and roll right brings menu up!