A Duel in the Sky: iFlight Defender 20 vs. GepRC Darkstar 20

When it comes to aerial combat, I'm not talking about dogfights from a bygone era; I'm referring to the clash of the quadcopters – the iFlight Defender 20 and the GepRC Darkstar 20. Each compact, measuring a mere 2 inches, these drones might look like twins separated at birth, but don't be fooled; they promise distinctly different flights of fancy. Before we dive in, let's tip our hats to the keen eyes at Drone Supremacy whose review was as sharp as the blades on a brand new quadcopter.

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Hello, is there anyone having the stock CLI of the defender 20 BNFO3 version (with DJI RC 2 FPV)? I wiped out the configuration and can’t get it back to get signal from the RC . Still, they are binding but no signal input in BF (receiver tab). Thanks if anyone could help.