iFlight Defender 25 CLI Dump

Hi. I stupidly wiped the Defender 25 Betaflight configuration. I can’t find the default one online anywhere. So not sure what everything was set at. Would you perhaps have it at all?*

Please find the stock CLI dump for the Defender 25 quadcopter from Iflight.
Defender 25 O3 CRSF 4.3.1-2023.1.5-V1.0(IMC42688P).txt (28.8 KB)
Defender 25 O3 SBUS 4.3.1-2023.1.5-V1.0(IMC42688P).txt (28.8 KB)

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Iflight _blitz_f722(stm32f7x2)?…

Huh? Thats teh FC that is used on teh Defender?

I need cli for Iflight defender 25 4.4.2.