Arfun 95 pro help

Ok i bought a arfun 95 proout the box crash it so decided to update firmware from 3.1.7 to 3.5 well being a newbie at this for got to save dump file and. Now i can’t get my led to work or save in betaflight does anyone have a copy of there cli dump so i can. Get my led working again or else i have yo buy anotherone

I do not have the specifics for that quadcopter :-(. But my suggestion would be to start off with this guide that tries to help explain how to setup any FC on betaflight.

No i was looking for original dump setting or diff all settings for ar fun 95 pro so i can restore my led ik ow how to navigate threw beta flight but i didnt save my settings right before i updated firmware i kust need a copy of someone arfun 95 dump all setting in cli so i can testore my led

Ok updated firmware from 3.1.7 to 3.5. Now my l.e.d does not work nor can i save led in beta flight with the new version firmware does anyone know how to get my l.e.d working again?

Have you enabled the led option in betaflight and configured the led via the led tab?

Yes click and try to save but does not save in 3.5