A DSMX/2 receiver for Diatone GT-R90

I’m trying to get my dad into the hobby, so a drone like this I feel would be a good beginner to intermediate choice. I’ve given him my old Spektrum radio as I have moved to FrSky, but I can’t find any suitable DSMX/2 receivers. Is there any you can recommend?
I think the flight controller has jumper pads which let you choose 3.3v or 5v and PPM or Sbus.

Thank you in advance and Merry Christmas.

Hey Steeze,
I’ve found this ones;

Other ones from other Websites:

Luca :slight_smile:


Yep we use all HobbyKing Orange Rx’s in our models.

Cheap, great range - and a wide choice.


Thank You for getting back to me. I was considering the teeny cube DSMX receiver. I will look at some of the Orange Rx options . Thanks for the suggestion. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for the suggestion. I will definitely look at the Orange series. I have used one in the past, and it was a great substitute for the spektrum receivers.:slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, I would strongly recommend Spectrum receivers if using a spectrum controller. Other makes as suggested above drop out behind trees etc - they are more for direct line of sight. If you are OK with flying around empty fields then OK but don’t expect too much if wishing to do anything a little more adventurous!

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Thank you for your advice, I think a receiver like the Eachine Teeny board would be great for dad because we fly in an open field. I may get another receiver later, when he is a more competent flyer. I want to try and get it ready for Christmas. I wish Spektrum made a receiver smaller than a Satellite receiver. I was so surprised with the size of the GT-R90.:joy: