What kind of reciever will do the job?


I am new in the drones section, I bought my first drone “Eachine tyro99” -
it’s flight controller manual: http://img.banggood.com/file/products/20180830210405TYRO99EnglishManual.pdf
and I don’t know what receiver should I buy that will suit for my remote control? “Sanwa SD -10G” -
I am not sure if my remote control is sbus or ppm or another method.

big thank for the helpers

I am not very familiar with your radio… but you will need to find a reciever from sanwa that can output sbus or ppm signal to the flight controller. The eachine tyro99 can only read ppm or sbus signal from your Rx

At a guess I think this one would work for you


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Thank you very much!

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