Swapping out a receiver

Hi everyone,

I’m new here and hoping to learn lots about drones. I’m a heli guy and just got into FPV this year.
I really like it and hope to do some racing next season.

I just bought a used ZMR250 and have to swap out the current receiver for a Spektrum receiver.
How would I do this and what is a good choice of receiver to use.

Also looking for suggestions on what’s the best way to work on a quad.
Do I take lots of pictures before I start disassembling it?

Thanks everyone.

This depends on what transmitter you want to use and what Flight controller is fitted to your quad
Let us have some more details and we’ll be able to guide you
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As @stevietee10 said i you can let us know what flight controller you are using we can help you. But usually spectrum requires a UART port (and a 3V output depending on your receiver), but most FC support this

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Hey guys,

Thanks for your replies. I had to email the fellow I bought the quad from to find out which FC he used.

This is the FC, Product not found!

I emailed Rotorgeeks to ask them about this issue. They said I could use one of these receivers or satellites. I need some clarification though. Do I need both the receiver and satellite? In the heli world, I don’t need both. If I buy just the receiver, can I plug in the existing leads, bind it and we’re good to go?

I’m only able to put in two links. Here’s the other one

Just do a search for lemon receivers and you’ll see the rest.

Thanks for your help.

Hi sneezy007

As Alex stated, which receivers you can use depends firstly on your transmitter, and secondly on your flight controller.

Spektrum use two systems, DSM2 and DSMX, and while some receivers can decode both systems, many can’t, and the Lemon you linked to is showing as DSMX only, while other Spektrum and Orange receivers are capable of both systems.

Your flight controller requires either a PPM signal, or a serial bus protocol, (in your case a Spektrum satellite to match you Tx protocol), and obviously your receiver must be capable of either PPM or a direct satellite conection, (wiring details shown at the bottom of the flight controller page you linked).


Hi Mark,

Thanks for your response. I’ve being doing some research into the receivers and I believe I found one that’s going to work for me.

Thanks for your help guys.