Spektrum receiver

Hey guys,

I finally installed the spektrum receiver into my ZMR250.
This is the receiver I bought; Product not found!

I bound it up to my DX18 and now need to do some programming in Betaflight. I’ve been watching some tutorial videos on Betaflight. The fellow I bought it from sent me a bunch of screen grabs with his settings.

Couple of questions, when I plug in the FC into the computer, it’s beeping at me and red light is flashing. Does anyone know what the settings would be on the port and configuration pages for this particular receiver?

Thanks a lot guys.

Have you bound it to the transmitter? Best to do that first, as a standalone (as it’s simpler).

Then connect it to the FC, plug in USB (you don’t need main battery power), turn on TX (with the right model selected) and just go down to receiver in the config page and select PPM. That should be enough.

Check that it works by going to the receiver tab and operating the Tx sticks.

That did the trick, thanks very much.