Wiring Up Receiver Boards

I have a Spektrum DSMX receiver board which I’m trying to wire up to a mini F405 mamba. The ports are PPM, SBUS and RSSI. Which port do I wire the signal cable to and what is the voltage, 3.3 or 5. Many thanks, regards

You wire it up to any rx pad, or the SBUS pad if u want. I think 3.3v is the suggested voltage, but 5v should be fine (never used spektrum, so i dont really know)

could post a picture of your board so we might better assist you? But to my knowledge, if it’s a Spektrum satellite receiver it needs to be 3.3 or it won’t actually connect but if it’s a full receiver then they’re able to handle at 5 volts, but I know I only use a Spektrum sat receiver and if I hook 5v to it the only thing it does is blink, it won’t ever fully bind unless it’s powered with 3.3v.
hope this helps a little. :slightly_smiling_face: