Wiring Up Receiver Boards

I have a Spektrum DSMX receiver board which I’m trying to wire up to a mini F405 mamba. The ports are PPM, SBUS and RSSI. Which port do I wire the signal cable to and what is the voltage, 3.3 or 5. Many thanks, regards

You wire it up to any rx pad, or the SBUS pad if u want. I think 3.3v is the suggested voltage, but 5v should be fine (never used spektrum, so i dont really know)

could post a picture of your board so we might better assist you? But to my knowledge, if it’s a Spektrum satellite receiver it needs to be 3.3 or it won’t actually connect but if it’s a full receiver then they’re able to handle at 5 volts, but I know I only use a Spektrum sat receiver and if I hook 5v to it the only thing it does is blink, it won’t ever fully bind unless it’s powered with 3.3v.
hope this helps a little. :slightly_smiling_face:

Really depends on the receiver that you have there.
If it’s the SPM4650 DSMX SRXL2 Serial Micro Receiver you should use 3.3V. I know it’s rated up to 8.4V but there are users that burned the receiver connecting it to higher voltages than 3.3. (known issue at Spektrum).
Also you need to connect signal pin only to TX on your FC. So only 3 wires needed.
In BF, choose SRXL2 protocol , the uart you connected the signal wire to and RSSI should already work. No need for setting an extra channel.

Thank you very much for your help, greatly appreciated.




No biggy, I just hope this was the receiver in question.
If not or it didn’t do the trick, just give a shout and we’ll go deeper to get it working as it should.
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Yes it sorted it, great news.

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Then enjoy and have a nice day