X220s mah and current readings problems

Hello guys!
I am very new to this world of drones fpv and racing, and i can say that so far I love it and I am having so much fun.
To start with I bougth the RTF version of the eachine x220s from bangood. I readed in a lot of places that is good starting point for fpv drones, and also is so popular, but I am having troubles with the mah consuption and the current A drawn readings in the OSD when flying it, and seems like not a lot have discussed this topic over the internet.
At the moment I have no realiable way to monitor my batteries in flight, and Im concern Im going to waste them in just a few flights by overdischarging them.
OSD shows constantly an amp usage of 30-32 amps even when not armed, and the mah count is just ridiculous having used 1000+ mah after pluggin the battery for just a minute. I corrected the scale from 400 to about 1350 in betaflight after doing some calculations, and the count is not so ridiculous now, but is just not right, with the amp usage sitting about 30.
How can i do guys to monitor the amp usage and mah consuption??? please heelp

thanks beforehand!

Welcome to the hobby

Theres no current sensor on the FC… its all lies.

But you should be able to monitor the voltage in the OSD.

But take a look at this.

just a side note on the Banggood current sensor, if you decide to get one dont get the one in the link its the XT30 version, get a XT60 one.
the board should be set up to measure voltage if it isn’t the camera on those are mediocre at best, better to get a Runcam/Foxeer one as they can monitor voltage, also if new to hobby only need to solder 4 small wires not large power wires then set up current sensor.
Voltage measuring not the best way but great if you have different capacity batteries.
Was flying for 18 months measuring volts only and never had problems with batteries LAND at 3.5 volts per cell (opinions differ here but 3.5 was good for me)

Thanks guys for you replies!!
The point is that somehow the voltage monitor is good! I compared with a battery voltage checker and with my charger and seems to be reliable. The problem is with the amp draw and the mah usage.
Anyway. I will focus on the volts and that’s it.

@Yagormeister - I’d be careful with voltage - my experience with the X220 leads me to belive that it’s non linear - it might give a true reading when the battery is full, but can be quite a lot out as the voltage drops and the battery empties - I’d check at both ends of the scale to make sure - I think BF has both an offset and gradient for the voltage calibration so you might be able to get it to work.


thanks bro! ill put my eye on that as soon as I get my quad on the air!