AMP draw indication on Taranis

So I’ve set up my QX7 to display max AMP information during a flight. It seems that the Max AMP draw I can get is in the 35A range. Does this sound right? I would expect to see around 80A for the 4 ESCs or is this for one ESC? Or is this reading bogus. Here is my setup:

4x ChaosFPV BLHeli_S Dshot 20A ESC
Streak Mini PDB with BEC (120A)
Omnibus F4 V5.1 Flight Controller
ChaosFPV CF2205 PRO Motor 2600kV
FrSky R-XSR Micro SBUS/CPPM Receiver
Turnigy Nano-Tech 1300mAh 4S 45~90C Lipo Pack
RaceKraft 5045 V2 Tri Blade Bullnose Propeller Pack

Weight 480g

Don’t forget…

Amp draw is also subjective to Props and quad AUW.

But I would have still thought you would be pulling more than that.

I run :-

  • ChaosFPV BLHeli_S Dshot 30A ESC with
  • Emax LS 2207 2400kv Motors
  • GEPRC Props (5040x3)
  • Turnigy Graphene 65c 1300mAh 4S
  • and weight about 600grams

My Amp draw is about 90amps

Yeah I just updated the description. Im using the recommended props for the motors and Im weighing in at 480g.
it all makes me think the reading is just off. That, or ive set it up incorrectly.

To me it feels like it absolutely rips… however, ive never seen another mini quad in action. Only on youtube.
Ill have to hook up with some locals in Glasgow :slight_smile:

I agree 35A is too low… but from your parts list (unless I am being abit dense at the end of the day) I could not figure what what current sensor you are using?

Irrespective of where the current sensor is, firstly you need to make sure is it connected in series from the battery before any other electonics draw current from the circuit. I have seen quite a few times people (and eaven manufacturers cough eachine cough) connect them wrong which explains weird current readings, and secondly you may need to calibrate it too.

If you are not sure about the connection, or dont understand what I mean by that, let me know so I can explain abit more.

Yeah, I think you’ve found the problem. Current sensor? What ahhhh… or where would you normally find that? Is it something that normally comes with an ESC or PDB?

Yep, looking at the setup guide I need to hook up a current sensor… duh. So do I need to upgrade my PDB?

Yeah ok, Im an idiot. I just had a look through the UnmannedTech list of PDBs and sure enough, I need to upgrade. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Sorry to waste your time.

arh yeah…

Current sensors are on PDBs or FCs.

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