X220s Broken top plate and VTX cable

Hi everyone - had a bit of a hard landing (i lie it was a crash) when my gopro mount decided it no longer liked being a hitchhiker to the drone and flew off and actually hit the drone mid air (oh what are the chances). Drone survived mostly in tact and i managed to find the gopro (lucky).

Now on to the repairs, the top plate is snapped at the back where the power leads and antenna come up and so need a new top plate - can these be bought individually? Also the prop ripped the cable out the VTX right where it joins into the board so i dont know if it is repairable or if i will need to buy a whole new VTX ?

Will post pictures once i get it opened up but some initial advice would be great thanks.

Hey Craig,
I found these replacement top plates :

Luca :slight_smile:

Send in an image of that damage.
Im may just be repairable

Thanks Luca for the link - im in the UK so will just have to wait for the part to make its way over or i pay £20 for one off ebay :thinking: :frowning:

I think the cable will be repairable actually - wont know until i strip it apart which i wont be able to do until i am back home. Do you know what sort of connector is it that goes into the VTX DoomedFPV? These are the best pics i could get the now as i havent got the tools with me to remove the top plate and inspect further - plus need to know what sort of cable it is first before i order anything else.

Cheers Folks

Hey Craig,
looks like you just need a new pigtail.
Just pick the one with the right antenna conector :wink:
It should be this one:

or this one:

Could you please take the Top Plate off and remove the hot-glue?

Luca :slight_smile:

Unfortunately not right now no - i work away from home and so dont have my toolkit with me. Will have to wait until i get home a week on Monday im afraid - no flying for me in the evenings lol!

Thanks for the links - one thing i find very confusing is the connectors - i broke my original Pagoda antenna and so replaced it with an RC menace one (RHCP) but i had to get an adaptor to get it to attach to the x220s. Now does the X220s pigtail have an RP-SMA female connector ? and can i change it to an SMA to get my new antenna attached without using the adapter ?

Ripped off Pigtail:

Antenna with the adapter

Antenna without the adapter

yes you can…
just choose an pigtail with sma

No problem - will get it ordered … im guessing the other end is an U.FL connection ? Done a bit of research and thats what i can see on the VTX pictures from various places online.

I think your right :wink: