Best vtx/antennas for freestyle

Hello good people from Dronetrest!!!
So recently I have been flying my eachine x220s arround some nice spots, and as I got better with the hobby, I find myself more and more limited with my vtx range, to the point that i cant fly behind a tree which is like 15-20 meters away from me, not to talk about flying arround any building. my video just dies.
i checked the settings of the vtx of the x220s, and made sure is set to 600mw. im using a foxeer pagoda on the drone. my video reciever is a eacchine EV800D with diversity and all staff, im using it with the stock antennas.
now the question is, what do you think it would increase my video range??? get a better vtx like the popular ones from TBS, or upgrade the antennas on the google would be enough??
any recommendations???
thank you very much!!!

That is a tough call. I would recommend probably upgrading everything but do it bit by bit and check the improvements with each iteration. As you slowly move away from Eachine video vtx/vrx I would expect you’d see results. I use the Chaos VTX on 200mw with a Foxeer lollipop on the quad and have no problems flying round trees at much further distances than you’ve stated so if you’re struggling at 600mw, definitely time to upgrade.
I assume the polarity on the pagoda you have on the quad is RHCP to match the 6 leaf RHCP on the goggles?

thanks for your reply! ofc updating everything would improve hehe. but ill try first with the vtx. ive got my eyes on the TBS Unify Pro 5G8 V3, which sounds very promising, however i think it has a u.fl connection to the board… and i dont know if i like that… i might try an update of at least one of the antennas in the googles. which antenna would you recommend guys? the one that comes with the eachine ev800d is a 6 leaf, should i get another 6 leaf, or a pagoda??