TBS Unify Pro V2 VTX Cuts out after a couple of feet

hey well i just built my drone I’m using TBS unify pro v2, everything is running great besides this… i get video signal i put the drone down walk back to my seat and put the goggles back on and not a single thing on the goggles. I’m way too excited to get this bad boy in the air but this vtx is killing me, if anyone has had any issues like this and would know the answer that would be great, but I’ve been doing research all over online and can’t really find anything close, i have the VTX and Camera powered off my PowerOSD rev 2 , and the camera I’m running is the Runcam swift 2… I’m not sure if its a problem with enough battery power getting to my components , but i took off the props and spun the motors up and the camera won’t cut out so I’m assuming that is fine, I’m kind of stumped and not sure where to go from here… thanks :slight_smile:

I know the UFL connector on the antenna could come undone, so my suggestion is to unplug the antenna on the unify board and connect it again to make sure it has good contact:

Then I suggest you check the power level setting on you unify to make sure it is not broadcasting in pitmode.

Also what antennas are you using?

My connector actually popped off so I soldered it back on very cleanly , I’m using the eMaxx pagoda 2 , have also tried my tbs triumphs aswell . I have purchased a second one to test to see if the last one was bad, same issues as the first . I have unlocked it set the mW and channel and bands but still cuts out I’ve done almost everything and I can’t figure it out for the life of me

I just got my quad in the air yesterday after installing my TBS Unify Pro V2 5V and am having the same issue. It is getting the full 5V, unlocked running on Raceband 2 and at any power level I get about 5’ of range. If I boot it up in Pitmode there is zero signal. I have found some guys saying they got defective ones and they got replacements that worked, so I’m working on getting a replacement for mine to see if that fixes it. My buddy just got the same one and has it set up the same way with no issues.

I would also like to add that with the Unify, when I do get a video signal there are horizontal lines all throughout the video. I thought I had just messed up my image sensor from a hard crash I had before but now that I swapped back to my cheapo Eachine VTX those lines are gone and my signal is perfect.

Anyone know of any other good VTX I’m looking for the best reception possible without connex lol, I’m just going to buy a new one and if that don’t work I give up lol

To get the best signal its better to have a great receiver and good antennas. I can personalty say TBS triumph are good, but recently AXII antennas are also very good general antennas and they are smaller too.

horizontal lines come from interference, wrap and wiring in electrical tape should sort it out

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I had the Problem once, that my Antennas were Right Polarized and Left Polarized. … So the Signal was after a few Meters very crappy… (I Dont know, if the Problem is already solved…) :slight_smile:

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Good tip :thumbsup: I find it annoying sometimes too when a kit doesn’t tell what the polarisation of tge antenna is, so you just gotta guess.

this little bit is expensive, even looks good