X220s bottom plate

Hi everyone, i cannot for the life of me find anywhere in the uk that does spare bottom plates for the eachine wizard x220s … bought a regular wizard x220 base thinking the stand off holes would be in the same position but they arent. Any help would be great thanks.

Depending how far off the holes are, you could just drill new ones?

Hey Alex … Looking at where the standoffs meet the standard plate there are two slots and if I drill holes would just open them right up into one long slot lol

Guessing no one is stocking older model parts which is such a shame - manufacturers are just moving on and not thinking about longetivity for their customers with regards to spare parts in a hobby where spare parts are ALWAYS going to be needed. Will just have to transfer all the hardware onto another cheap frame which has a readily available spares bin :joy:

Have you tried somewhere like BangGood? Postage options are rather decent and delivery within 4-9 days from china. Might be an option for you if you can’t find anyone in the UK