X-class; has anyone here built one?

So I’m bored of these 5" quads and I’ve decided to go X-class. Does anyone here have any experience of building one, and if so, can you give any hints tips.
If not, I’ll log the build here so others can benefit :slight_smile:

big cheese dont you just need bigger tools and a hotter iron. :innocent:

Wow, I have been working on sub-250 and Big Cheese is going for BIG DRONE!

Let us know how it goes Mr Fromage!

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Will let you know. I’ve got the bigger iron; it’s one I used to use on my shirts - that should do the job right? :wink:

I would love to build an x class but it’s just so expensive and no one in the U.K. seems to stock suitable parts

I believe you about the iron but not you doing your shirts.

I have built big drones, but not exactly an X-class FPV quad. but everything is exactly the same except bigger and more expensive when you crash and break something :stuck_out_tongue: Also props are not cheap. They also fly worse in a way due to size, so dynamics are slower. But they are pretty cool due to the larger size.

@unmannedtech1 - Alex you’re right about more expensive. A lot of the kit is being imported from the states. The props that go with the motors; $165 per pair! I’m now looking to either use some different motors or find some cheaper props that’ll go on them.
These are motors I’m getting: KDE4215XF-465 | UAS BLDC Brushless Motor | KDE Direct

I’m not sure if you’d call this X-class but I have in build progress a TBS Discovery frame, with extra extended aluminium arms from Aimdroix giving motor to motor of 720mm (so not quite the 1metre for X-class if that rule still applies)
Motors are Tarot TL96020, 5008, 340KV
Props are 15x5.5 T-mount, carbon fibre.
Controller is CUBE ORANGE, Pixhawk 2.2, has ADS-B,
Dual GPS, HERE-2 & the usual UBLOX M8N
Custom battery pack 6S3P L-ion 7,800mAhr
Retractable landing gear, Tarot with custom build Lidar ground distance operation

@GrandFromage hope this helps you, get in touch if you want to chat about anything

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Steve.
How did you get on with using Pixhawk cube? Is it responsive enough compared with something like Betaflight controllers?

Hi Frank
Not flown it yet, still in build.
Probably April before it gets finished,
wish I didn’t have to work, interferes with the important stuff in life :grin:

However I chose the CUBE because of it’s pedigree in larger, workhorse type of UAV’s
With Mission Planner now at a good stage of maturity I don’t have much doubt it will fly this baby nicely.
Certainly more configurable than the DJI professional series, I have used their A2 in the past on 560mm quads

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Frank
If you check the Wiki’s for Betaflight, Inav etc. they make it clear they are NOT suitable for crafts this big.
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Steve,
I built a 8" prop hexacopter a while back using Navio2 and Mission Planner; worked brilliantly and I love how much more configurable it is. If the motors/ESC aren’t suitable for this build, I may build another large UAV based around Pixhawk Cube. Be interested to hear and see how you get on with yourbuild come April :slight_smile:
Re Betaflight - if you have the link, can you send. When you look at what people are using for X-class; it’s all Betaflight from what I can find.


Sure they are. Just need proper tuning

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Hi Frank

Yep, I need to clarify my comments on FC’s for X-class…

For a ‘working’ machine. aerial photo’s, surveying etc. then I do think it has to be Pixhawk/CUBE/Mission Planner

For FPV racing, yes most guys are on BF now, the tuning is pretty specific but there is advice for this size in the BF GitHub pages.

Cheers Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

Search Zoe fpv on youtube, and contact her. She’s an authority on X class in the states, and can answer any question you have. Join her patreon, and support her, she’s a good kid.

Couldn’t agree more. It’s Zoe that inspired me in the first place. I was hoping for someone in the UK to talk to as what I’m finding is that most of the parts seem to be US based and I gotta be honest, I’m getting tired of paying import duties and ‘additional costs’ charged by the couriers.

How did you find using pixhawk 2.2 as the flight controller for the larger frame? Tuning an issue?

Not many fly xclass in the U.K. best U.K. person to talk to for xclass is thetonstar1

He’s one of the let’s drone out crowd