Wiring retractable 5 volt landing gear to a a Matek F7

I have a set of retractable landing gear legs for a 500 quad. I’m using a Matek F7 and a turnigy iA10B in sbus.

I thought I could use a spare 5volt uart so I connected it to 5v G Rx 1, and tried to configure it in betaflight , but got nothing.

Not a100% sure what I’m doing here , can anyone help ?


I’ve not seen or used retractable landing gear but

5v doesn’t sound enough to me to power motors to move a landing gear… I could be wrong?

Well seemingly despite all the lack of anyone selling this item saying 5 volts it is according to Hobby king .

Not sure still though about the wiring and setting it up in Betaflight.


you got a link?

The problem for me is not knowing how to wire it up any other way than in uart 1 and configure it in betaflight .

That looks more like a motor connection.

The landing gear works just like any servo, so you will need to connect it to a PWM output on your Matek F7, and then simply set it up as a channel passthrough (say channel 8), then when you move the switch on CH8 on your radio form min to max, it will then simply send the same command to CH8 on the FC which will trigger the landing gear to extend/retract.

The only thing to check is the current draw of the retracts, as they are usualy quite current hungry so make sure the 5V supply can handle this, as most FC 5V rails are only rated to about 1A.

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Thanks for that Alex . So on the turnigy RX ia10b , I leave it on Sbus , but connect to PWM on the FC , is that right ???

I don’t do anything else to the rx ???

Yeah nothing on the Rx if it’s already beetup in sbus but need to setup the channel passthrough within betaflight, but I can’t remember how to do this, let us know if you need help!

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Hi there, I have used these same retracts and all they need is the three pins the same as any other servo they have built in end stops to prevent them trying to go further than they are built for they are set to move 90deg from fully open to fully closed so make sure that you have built in enough room to allow them the full 90 deg movement.

Regards Poppy Ann.

Im trying to do the same thing. I have the servo connected to UART 1. Did you get it working what settings doid you use? did you use channel forwarding or Servo Tilt? Thanks for the help.

I did this on a Tricopter, by using a FRSKY D8R-XP, in CPPM mode, and using the higher channels in the radio (Ch 8) for the gear, totally bypassing the FC, and messing with pass through, etc…