U580 Pro Retractable Landing Gear and Naza


I have just built a u580 as a start to some very basic aerial photography. I have it set up with DJI Naza V2 and all set up and fly’s. So I want to get the retracts to work but plugging them into X1 on Naza as per this is channel 5 on a toggle switch on my transmitter. All channels are working visually via Assistant software but when using normally the landing gear does not work?? Do I need to activate its output form Naza or something? As if i plug to F1 and switch on gimbal when i tilt it they retract - so servos do work just no feed from X1?


What receiver are you using, as its best to first test it is working correct by connecting it directly to your receiver CH5.

I cant remember the naza software, but I think you can do something to output signal from the input (passthrough) so that whatever input you send from CH5 will sent the same output to CH5 on the naza to control the retracts

I am using a Turnigy ia6c receiver via sbus at the moment

Hi @ScottRankin

NAZA does not have pass-thru facility, it did not come in until the more proffesional units, A2 for example.
As Alex has said you need to get the gear working with a pure RX channel so you can see what end limit figures are required to get it working correctly.
Look out for a movement that only goes on way 0 to 1000 or 0 to -1000 not 1000 to -1000. If this is the case you may need to reverse the TX channel.
in the Assistant software X1 has a ‘speed adjust’ control as it is meant for gimbal pitch adjustment. You may need to set this at fast response speed for your landing gear.

Let us know how you get on, it’s an interesting problem
Steve :slight_smile:

Hmm if using SBUS then its abit more tricky since as @stevietee10 said Naza does not support direct passthrough :frowning:

Had a quick look and it seems you are not the only person with this problem, and it seems largely unsolved, the only way is if you use a PWM receiver… my suggestion would be to buy a pixhawk :-)… its got more features that you can possibly imagine… including direct support for retracts that can retract/extend them automatically depending on your altitude!

Thanks for the replies guys.

Yeah what I may do for an interim measure is buy a ia6b receiver and use each individual channel. Then get used to this and then possibly upgrade in time to pixhawk when I want to add even more functions with gimbals and a bigger frame fpv etc etc.

Thanks again. If I manage to find a fix I will update on here.

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