Post-Repair Update: Configuring My Nazgul F5 O3

I recently had my my nazgul F5 O3 repaired at Unmanned Tech, thankyou. Haven’t flown it yet! Just can’t find the time plus I need to configure it again post update
Just a quick one, the TV tango 2 crossfire controller (that I’m waiting for you to have back in stock) will bind with the Nazgul Evogue V2 no issues … right?


If you have a crossfire receiver on your done then yes, it should pair without any issues.

If you are not sure, then please let me know your order number and I can double check this for you :slight_smile:

Unfortunately the drone your ordered from us does not come with a crossfire receiver pre-installed - you would need a crossfire receiver (such as this: TBS Crossfire Nano RX - Unmanned Tech Shop) to bind to the Tango 2 Crossfire radio. Please note that the receiver would require soldering for installation.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please do feel free to ask!

Ah nuts that’s disappointing

Could you supply and fit one if I sent it back?

Failing that, what RC other than the dji controller could I use?
I need full size gimbal to make best use of the drone

We can supply and fit a reciever for you - the price would be the receiver cost + 1x Engineering Fee. We can do a complete setup with your radio if you already have it for an additional engineering fee, such that the drone would be ready to fly with the radio when you get it back.

Unfortunately, as the drone has a DJI O3 unit installed and no receiver, it’s only compatible with the DJI radio as standard, sorry about this!

If you want to go ahead, let me know and I’ll provide a pre-paid returns label for you to send everything to us. If you have any questions or concerns, please do feel free to ask!

Seriously tempted but I’ve hemorrhaged money lately so might just op for an aftermarket longer set of sticks for the controller 2 to start with
Il keep this thread though and no doubt pick it back up in due time

So, updated my controller 2 and plugged in the drone today to betaflight (latest version) and I am getting no response whatsoever on the receiver tab
Goggles and controller connected to the drone but no response in beta flight
No OSD in the goggles either
Spent a few hours on tutorials and still nothing
I’m wondering if something is not plugged in inside the drone following the repair (?)
As you can probably imagine I’m getting pretty pissed off :sweat_smile: wish I’d never bought the thing it’s just cost me time money

Prior to returning it everything (but the motors) worked fine but I know you (at my request) updated the firmware
What do you suggest? Appreciate any help

Please accept my sincere apologies both for the issue you’re experiencing, and for the delay getting back to you!

Interestingly, I’ve just had an identical report of this issue from a different customer with a Nazgul after they (themselves) updated to BF4.5. I’m wondering if there’s an issue with compatibility with these specific setups on that new firmware. It seems to affect some models and not others.

I was unaware of this, however, I have found advice that there was a change in BF4.5 regarding the correct “port” setting for the O3 unit.
On UART1 in the Ports tab, under the “Peripherals” column, there’s supposedly a new option: “VTX (MSP + Displayport)”, which needs to be selected for the O3 unit to behave. If you select this option and save, does that lead to any improvement in the behaviour?