iFlight Nazgul5 V3 O3 6S Quadcopter BNF (ELRS 2.4ghz) - What radio is required?

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I was looking to buy this drone can I use any fpv controller or does it have to be the dji controller?

Hi, and welcome to the forums!

So the ELRS version we sell of the IFlight Nazgul5 V3 O3 6S Quadcopter BNF (ELRS 2.4ghz)
can work with any ELRS compatible radio transmitter such as Radiomaster Boxer, or TX16 etc…

So no, it does not need to be the DJI controller. That said, you can still use the DJI controller with this drone, you would just need to change the wiring around on the O3 air unit. But the reason is that all DJI O3 air units have a built-in receiver compatible with the DJI FPV remote V2.

If you have any other questions, please let me know!

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