Setting up auxiliary servo F405


Im trying to setup and auxillary switch on my remote to trigger a ping pong ball launcher. I have wired it to 5v and ground and signal to s5, and setup the servo in betaflight. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

what is it not doing, as in your post you say you have fitted (servo) to S5 and set it up in betaflight?
what radio gear do you own.

Thanks for the response, it moves only when powered up. I own a FRSKY X4RSP and taranis X9D

so you when to the servo tab in betaflight and set the servo on the correct channel.
I sometimes struggle setting servo output up, what i do is set all the servos up on same channel and when servo works i switch one of at a time until there is just the correct one on.
also enable live mode then when set up youll know immediately.

Yes, i have tried this