When to replace motor?

So “landed” my hex on the beach (video below), broke one of the landing legs, gimbo servo, and FPV transmitter aerial.

Two of the arms dug into the sand, and the props probably came to a sudden stop (both were dug into the sand). I’ve used compressed air to blow out the motors, and both seem to spin fine (although one made a weird alarm like noise when I plugged it back into the ESC. After I removed the battery and reconnected it is was fine).

One spins smoother than the other, one is a bit ‘jumpy’ if I slowly turn it manually, rather than a smooth spin.

So just wondering if anyone has any tips on when to not trust a motor, even if it still appears to work.


Thanks for sharing the video with an appropriate title!. I guess the way the hexacopter slowly started sinking when it ‘landed’ is abit how any of us feel when thier multi rotor has a forceful meeting with the floor :boom:.

As for the motor with the strange noise when you first connected it, does it still make that sound or was it a once off? It could of been a little stuck initially and made that noise so should still be fine.

For the motor that is abit jumpy, that is just the magnets passing, that could be due to it being knocked abit off alignment causing some magnets to be slightly closer than other motors. Usually this is fine, but best to run the motors with your hexa on the ground to see if they are all running ok (and none getting particularly hot), you can do with by flipping the props to press down rather than lifting.

My advice would be to also double check all the connections as sometimes in a crash the bullet connectors can come loose which can cause major crashes when a motor suddenly stops. If there is something else weird with a motor like a faulty bearing it will fail slowly so you will have time to react and get it to the ground safely. But after a few minutes of ground testing you should have a decent idea if things are ok or not.

Hope that helps and that you get flying again soon!

The bit where is sank did make me laugh when I got home and watched it :smile:

The motor with the strange noise hasn’t done it since, and seems to spin fine now.

I’ve taken the two arms off that hit the deck (to wash the sand out!) so have had to disconnect and reconnect the motors, but I shall double check everything (just noticed on of the other prop mounts is a little lose!) then check again.

Flipping the props seems a good idea! I take it just turn them upside down on each motor, don’t move them from motor to motor or anything. I shall try that this weekend when I have a nice indoor hall to fly in!

Thanks again for the quick tips!