Mamba motor not working

I had a light crash into a piece of wood and my motor just stopped working it still spins it seems like it’s okay it just doesn’t spin up.
I can’t help the betaflight right now I have to install a new flight controller is there any way to test this motor to see if I need to order a new one?

When moving it with your hand it should move freeling without making some strange noise. Maybe remove the bell and look vor damaged things or dirt.

You can also hook it up to a servo tester if you got one.

It moves perfectly I can feel the notches just like the other ones. I’m going to try to open it up to have a look at it. I don’t have a motor servo tester yet .
it even sounds like the motor chimes when turning a quad on I can see it move just a little teeny bit all the motors move just a little bit when you turn it on.

I went to work cane home and tried my quad copter out and it works!!!
The strangest thing.
Any ideas what’s wrong ?

There’s got to be a loose wire or short.
After arming it desinks when I move my quad copter by hand.
I put it in the air and it flies. It seams like it’s losing a connection of a wire or something.
I’m going to take it apart to have a closer look. Anything I should be on the lookout for ? Or any suggestions?

Could be a damaged fet try swapping the motor with another one if problem follows motor its the motor if it stays on that arm its the esc.

I’m a noob. What is a damaged fet ? Is that in the motor or ESC ?
I’m hoping it’s the motor!!! I’m really not trying to do the ESC and flight controller.

Can you explain what a fet is ?
I hit the piece of wood on the same motor that stopped working.
It powers on sounds right and will fly .
If I move the model in my hand it looses power and power cycles. It will fly !!!
Last time I flew it yesterday it sounded like it was trying to power cycle in the air it lost power to the model just for a spit second but stayed in the air.