Walkera Furious 320 FPV Racer Drone

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That beast!! How much does it cost to expand the W250 with that flying tank module?

So, can they actually fly attached to each other?

Nice, but it looks like they are using a CC3D flight controller according to their website. However from the looks of the PC GUI screenshot it seems like it might be some other software, or just a custom version of openpilot/taulabs/cleanflight. If that is the situation my suggestion would be to remove it as soon as you get it as I think what they did with arducopter for the Scout X4 was not that great.

@unmannedtech Hey I got this unit early release from a dealer, he got me a pre release. It will not connect to open pilot but will connect to adru pilot. Under adru pilot it looks like its showing up as a APM variant and the adruino mega 2560 chip set. Issue is it has a terrible wobble well in hover, even after calibration. Any ideas?

Just double checked the program it links too and it’s APM Mission Planner.

Ok, that is quite interesting considering they said CC3D on the product page… But lets hope the final version will have the bugs ironed out.

However if it is indeed using arducopter code, the best way to get rid of the wobbles is to use the auto-tune feature.

@unmannedtech, what program would I use to achieve this? Is it APM mission planner?

Someone else on RC Groups confirmed my suspicions that it is a APM based FC system. Do you think I should update the firmware on it and restart from scratch or leave it be as it’s custom Walkera firmware.

Thanks for the help sir it’s much appreciated, and if not APM mission planner what would be best to use?

Yeah, APM mission planner should work, but you can also try mission planner 2 if you are on OSX.

As for updating firmware, it should be possible, but unless you know what you are doing you could run into some issues since the FC on the furious 320 might not have all the same hardware features and sensors and functionality. Also you will need to go through the parameters to set them appropriately for the quadcopter, as I double the default settings will work properly.

However if walkera have provided a firmware uploader and their firmware then you could always go back to that one should you mess something up with arducopter.

Anyone can help this guy?

Can anyone please help me… Got my brand new 320 a few days ago but i Just can’t get it to calibrate!? The 2 redlights dont blink only the one wich shows theres enough gps signal… tried everything im doing it oké with the sticks its Just jumping into armed mode. it flies very unstable when i pitch forward and even when i give a low throttle forward its seemed to wobbles very bad. In the corner or turning it also wobbles. And on the ground the motor tilt forward but in the air the dont move or is this only possible with a lot of speed? Hope that anyone can answere my question cause its unflyable now and not fun to fly if it wobbles to much. Today it felt like it turned upside down and it was manual mode! It looks like the 320 tries correct itsself when flying. It is not normal whej you fly forward and stop suddenly the whole drone wobbles from left to right:( The gps stick doesnt work eather cause when i fly 50% throttle and put it the stick it Just keep coming down! What am i doing wrong??? Please help


No it’s a junk machine I sold mine . They still have not released a be firmware and I did everything possible to try and fix it. I suggest you return it.

can’t fix it? There is no other way to solve it …

There’s not much you can do as walkers uses a custom firmware for the APM FC. You cannot flash it to a normal APM program or you will lose tilt and everything. Mine had the exact issues you spoke of, I was able to get mine to calibrate after I updated the firmware but it did nothing for it - still was terrible. It will be on Walkera to release a good firmware as it currently sucks. If you want shoot me an email and I will send you the latest firmware they sent me, who knows maybe yours will work fine with the update, it should at least let you calibrate. It’s Ryan.schlaffer@gmail.com shoot me s message and I’ll send the files.